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Essentially Wille and the Bandits is a classic blues rock three piece much in the vein of
Cream or The Jimi Hendrix experience. But in a similar way to how these bands pushed
the genre in their time, Wille and the Bandits try to take their sound beyond what is
expected of such a traditional line up.
The use of more bizarre instrumentation and eclectic influences in the song writing often
pushes them more into a world music or progressive category. Having toured with
artists such as Deep Purple through to the John Butler trio and played major festivals
across Europe, the band seem to leave an equally astounding impression on audiences
of all ages and musical backgrounds with their energetic and soulful performances.
They have received great critical acclaim, being voted in the top ten must see bands at
Glastonbury 2014 by BBC Radio 1 and reaching number 2 in the UK blues chart with
their first single on downloads alone. Now touring their third independently released
studio album Wille and the Bandits fan base, repertoire of sounds, styles and innovation
seems to be growing at an exponential rate.
The band are praised in the press for their albums; bursting at the seams with textures,
originality and soul. Rock legends such as Ian Paice, Joe Bonamassa and Francis
Rossi have also praised the band’s musicianship and their unique edge to Rock and

“Wille is a suberb slide player, I love what these guys are doing”
Joe Bonamassa
“Love the soul in their music”
Bob Harris
It’s rare to find a band as dynamic as Wille and the Bandits, one that is just as
comfortable and as impressive at both ends of the sonic spectrum. In the modern age of
disposable music it is refreshing to hear a band that still value the art of creating albums
and who continue to bring new instruments and ideas into their songwriting rather than
settling for a tried and tested formula. Ten seconds of Youtube will not scratch the
surface of the band’s sound and message; this is a band that is very much about
discovery and one best experienced LIVE!.
“These boys can groove and sing like whiskey angels and it doesn’t take long to realise
why they belong on the festival circuit.”
Glastonbury festival
“This incredibly talented band excels in playing not just one or two musical styles but in
fact focus on several genres to an extremely high quality.”
Maverick Magazine
If Cream had spent more time on a beach in Newquay they might have sounded like
Blues Matters Magazine
Will Edwards bourbon-laced vocals instantly grab you after hearing the first note sung,
the Dobro is a superb instrument and when it is played like this you notice how sublime
the band really is.
Maverick Magazine
“howling, cinematic psychoblues … breathtaking”

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