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A living legend, Mel George Gaynor, promotes his new band with an extensive tour across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. As an eminent songwriter, a singer with a powerful voice, and a man who’d made millions of people clap to his steady beat, he dares promising not to leave you even-hearted with this concert!

Mel has begun his professional music career in the early 80s, soon being recognized as an outstanding drummer and joining at the time emerging Scottish band – Simple Minds. With his substantial contribution, the band recorded their successful singles ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’, ‘Belfast Child’, ‘Waterfront’, ‘Alive And Kicking’, etc. Albeit, the word successful might be a deminutive for what reach those songs created for the band, ultimately achieving multi-decennial worldwide fame.

The collaborations with singers and bands whose songs occupy the top charts positions came as a natural extension of his work. He’d ended up recording an ageless compilation of time-proof tracks, for household names like; Elton John, Lou Reed, Tina Turner, Meat Loaf, Samson, Kirsty MacColl, The Associates, Peter Gabriel, The Pretenders, Gary Moore, Jackson Browne, Little Steven, Brian May, The Nolans, Goldie, Robert Palmer, Joan Armatrading, and many, many more…

With a long view from the peak of the music world mountain, and with an experience of playing thousands filled-out clubs, stadiums, and festivals, many might say that he has nothing left to prove.

They just might be right … except;

Mel Gaynor’s Risk

With songs that had matured in the shelves like bottles of fine red wine, Mel picked the ripest of those fruits and entered the studio to record. He himself as the drummer and the lead vocalist, James Ford on the guitars, and Sarit Black on the bass; the trio formed the core, embellished with the backing vocals from Mel’s daughter, Melissa Gaynor, and the tasty keyboard lines from Toby Baker. Working with the most renowned producers, the band announce the release of their debut album on 25th March, next year, a week before this tour whereas they shall promote it in a relatively intimate environment of medium-sized venues. They promise well-crafted live performance and highly enjoyable production.

In essence, what is left to prove for Mel is giving life to the songs that didn’t get their chance to make it on any of Simple Minds albums, nor on the covers of his other projects; the songs that are a plethora of appealing themes, remarking the highlights of his personal and music life.

A mere support act. Or?

Before you douse into the farthest depths of Mel’s music, you can travel Through Infinity with Josip Pesut, an aspiring musician coming from Croatia; a prolific songwriter, a virtuoso guitarist, an author of ripe imagination, and also a man who brought this tour to life without ever knowing it would be one day headlined by Mel Gaynor’s Risk. It was a leap of faith; a burst of passion growing into the burning flames, putting together a set of twenty-plus dates across the foreign country, with the sole purpose of bestowing his music the attention of highly respected UK and Irish audiences.

Through Infinity was to promote their third studio album symbolically dubbed ‘The Afterlife’, a vocal resurrection of their 2017 debut instrumental album ‘The Life’. Having mastered the tracks with Frank Arkwright (Coldplay, Arcade Fire, Oasis, Snow Patrol) at Abbey Roads Studios, and played myriads of local shows, the band felt ready to kick the road on new and unproved grounds. The word got out and reached Mel Gaynor. The two clicked perfectly and allowed music to be a bond of friendship which evolved this exciting adventure that they yearn to share with the fans and justify their intrigue.

Venue Roadmender
Date 01/04/2022
Ticket Sale Date 09/12/2021 00:00

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